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Frequently Asked Questions about Just Ice Vending Machines


Q: What do I do if I want to own a Just Ice machine?

Secure your location through purchase of land or a simple ground lease.

Apply for city building permits. Engineering plans stamped for your state are available after deposit.

Schedule utilities.

Schedule delivery and installation with a certified Just Ice installation team.

Order your bags and twist ties.

Q: Does J & J Ice or Just Ice offer financing?

Financing is not available through J & J Ice or Just Ice. We recommend using a local bank and we can provide banking references for your bank to contact.

Q: Can the machines be remotely monitored and/or remotely operated?

Yes, the Just Ice machine offers, as standard equipment, cell phone modems that text message you with sales data as well as offer you remote control of several of the operating procedures.

Q: Is this a franchise?

No! This is your business. After the purchase, the price you set and the money you make is your business, not ours.

Q: Is there a warranty?

Yes, and we believe it's the best in the industry.
Each Just Ice machine comes with:

1-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship

2-year warranty on the Icemaker

3-year warranty on the gearbox that operates the delivery system

5-year warranty on the compressor

10-year warranty on the condenser

There is also an available 5-year extended warranty on the cooling unit that includes service trips by a certified technician.

Q: What kind of inventory will I need to keep?

Ice Bags and Twist Ease ties. Both are ordered directly from the manufacturers, no up charge from a middleman.

Q: How many employees will I need to hire?

None! You can run this business on your own even if you have a full time job and this is your side business with the automated features and remote access. Most of your trips to the machine will be to pull money out of it and put more bags in. It's really "Just" that simple.